Hi, I’m Lori.

Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your conference or podcast program.

The rest of this website is written in the third person (“Lori Imdad is a content or copywriting speaker, author, and entrepreneur…”).

But I’m switching to the first-person narrative now to have a conversation. This page is too essential to offload to some all-knowing, invisible narrator.

I believe your conference or podcast is also too important to offload.

You: Looking for a speaker or guest who will know your audience’s journey and their pain points and challenges.

Me: YES! I want all that, too.

I want to be sure I am the best fit for your event or meeting, and I want to deliver the most effective keynote presentation I can to your company or group.

I want your audience to enjoy our talk because learning and fun are mutually beneficial.

If this feels a bit like a personal ad, that’s my intent: I want to be a partner in making your podcast or conference the best version it can be. 

Sound good? Let’s talk.
You can contact me directly here.

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